February 16th, 2016

Hello!  I wanted to update everyone on what has been happening.  As you all know we got an LID (log-in date) on January 4th.  On January 5th we moved into process of translating.  This means our dossier is being translated from English to Chinese.  On January 26th we moved into process of review.  This means the CCCWA (The Chinese Authority for Adoption) is reviewing our Dossier.  Today we found out that we moved into matching.  We will stay in matching until we get a referral from our agency.

As of yesterday we have been waiting 6 weeks for a referral.  This has been the longest and hardest wait of the entire 10 months.  We have been told that the wait is currently 2-3 months.  We are rejoicing that we are 6 weeks into this wait.  Praying constantly that we will get a referral each day.  Praying constantly that she is being taken care of and feels loved at ALL times.  My mind never leaves China.

God has been opening my eyes to see Orphans around the world.  Not everyone can adopt, but everyone can do something.  There are so many amazing organizations out there that you can support and love on these orphans.  I am going to list an organization below if you feel called to support or pray for one of the orphans in their care.  This organization is specific to China.  It is called New Day foster home.  It has several homes in China and cares for the children and provides life saving surgeries for them.


Please continue to keep us and our sweet Grace in your prayers.  We can feel them.  They are sustaining us through the waiting.  We are continuing to do our best to find JOY in the waiting and trust in God's perfect timing!!

There's a Day that is coming when EVERY Orphan will be home.
Steven Curtis Chapman