Hello Everyone!!  I have been meaning to post for a long time now and just finally got the time to sit down and do it!!  So much has happened since the last time I posted.  We have been busy just keeping up with all of the paperwork to get our girl here as quickly as possible!!  I am going to list all of the dates below of everything that has been happening.  This should catch everyone up on where we are!!

April 4th:  Applied for PA (pre-approval); submitted paperwork including a care plan
April 5th:  Received PA and applied for LOA (letter of Acceptance); this is a BIG step because this is China saying that she is our daughter; this was suppose to take 3-4 weeks
April 11th:  Receive LOA; God showed off big time on this one with us receiving it in only 6 days
April 13th:  Applied for our 800A; this is immigration approval for our daughter specifically; we have already been through immigration once to be approved to adopt; this was suppose to take 3-4 weeks
*While we were waiting we applied for our Chinese Visas.  We received this back before immigration approval.
April 28th:  Received 800A approval in 15 days; once we receive 800A our approval is sent to the National Visa Center and we begin waiting on our Cable Letter
May 2nd:  Filled out our application for our DS260; this is more paperwork to bring Grace home; once she lands on US soil she is an automatic US citizen
May 3rd:  After a phone call and an email we received our Cable letter in an email
May 4th:  Got our final update and pictures of Grace from China.  She received our care package and now has a photo album with our pictures.  Our sweet girl gets to see us every day!!  On the update we found out that she is 29 inches and 16.8 pounds at 20 months.
May 5th:  Article 5 drop off;  This is a big step.  This is our Immigration approval, DS260 confirmation and Cable letter being dropped off at the US embassy in China.
May 9th:  Received notification that our Article 5 pick up date is May 19th.
May 19th:  Article 5 will be picked up in China and couriered to the CCCWA (Chinese adoption authority); after this we will be waiting on our TA or travel approval.  Our agency has told us to expect 3-4 weeks on this one, but we are praying for no more than 2 weeks.  To tell you the truth I am praying for 1 week.  After this a lot of people travel about 2 weeks later.  So yes we will be booking all travel arrangements approximately 2 weeks before we go:).

We are beyond excited to be so close in bringing our little girl home.  We have been painting and working on moving Sydney upstairs because Grace will be in her room.  John brought home the changing table and crib, which feels so strange, but exciting to have in the house.  We have also met with an amazing ENT who walked us through the first 3 surgeries Grace will be having.  We will have 3 surgeries the first 6 months home.  Please continue to pray for us!  Pray for our hearts and minds to be able to rest during this exciting time.  I have been running on adrenaline since we received the referral on April 1st and need to be able to rest.  Please be praying for a safe and smooth trip to China.  Pray for our amazing girls Sydney and Claire to be at peace with us being gone for such a long time.  Also John and I to be at peace with this.  We have never been away from them for more than 7 days.  Also of course be praying for our sweet Grace Mei.  That God is preparing her little heart for us.  That she will feel loved, safe and comfortable in our arms.  I am still in awe everyday that God has sent us on this journey.  I know he has everything planned out in his perfect timing.  Praising him for choosing us to go on this journey.  Ready to have our girl in our arms forever!!!!